The Girl At The Window

This is a short story, about a little girl called Miranda. The world to each one of us has been a place that provides doom and gloom. But this girl was quite a bit different. Oh, she had all that any human on earth could imagine for a lavish living. All of the fiction that you may have seen on movies or similar stuff, was actually there with her. Gadgets, jewelry, money, food, clothing, and all the other good stuff. But then all luxuries have limitations. She was captivated to be inside her home. And if case she needs a vacation she had to be that big royal car and spend her time traveling. All that she had to interact with the world outside was through that one window. Be it in the palace where she or the car that she used for travelling. The window was there.

She tried to look as far she could, and in all these years she developed the skill to anticipate the proceedings of the world that she saw. She would know that it was the man with a black suit that was about to pass by her window. She knew it all.

Though it may seem to be a fairy tale as far now, this isn’t one. The window that she claimed to be looking through has never been there. It was the “Time-window” that she looked at. Though it seems a bit odd to hear that, yet it is true.

I shall request each one of you to look around and gaze at the world for a moment. Don’t you find yourself at very similar condition as Miranda? Don’t you look at everything through that one “Window”?  Don’t you look forward to future when you look at yourself at the mirror?  Or when you’re talking to somebody else?

I have an interesting observation here. The world is a gigantic Jig-Saw puzzle where the pieces aren’t made up of ordinary paper. Instead it is the time that acts in pretty much the same way. Consider the following scenario, a rough start of the day, followed by a harsh work-time. Your state of mind back then has been pretty negative. You have ignored the lovely taste of the food you had at lunch and at the dinner. You forgot to be polite to people who had nothing to do with your bad-day. Don’t you then that are actually a person that has all that the human soul facing the harsh sun and pulling the rickshaw ever wanted. Don’t you ever feel that the world that you try to perceive isn’t a simple picture, but a blend of time and emotion!

If you have read this so far, please promise to yourself that the world isn’t exactly what you see. No matter where you stand, there are a lot of pieces of the puzzle that are yet to found. So don’t try be the jury for your own destiny. The master that created this matrix, is there to decide who gets what. I shall quote from the Hindu mythology, “Thy task is to work, the results shall follow” (A translation from Geeta).

Give me some sunshine

A lot has changed since I left home for studies. The weather seems a lot different these days.  The beautiful bright sunny day now seems to be hot humid and hard day for work. The sun that provided me with Vitamin D now seems to be sucking my energy levels – A lot has changed.
Ideas that I had back then were cool. I tried to implement them and on the most of occasions I succeeded as well. Today with all of the important knowledge summed up with the valuable life experiences, I have found a way to screw up each and every time. Everything that I do now kicks off beautifully. I know that well begun is half done, but it makes no sense when you stop at the half way mark.  I have been missing out on finales for quiet sometime.
I pondered over such issues on the last night. Looking at the moon I wondered what exactly it does. It takes light from the sun to beautify even the nights of our planet. It made me think of my own mistakes. It is the sunshine that I now require. It is the light of opportunity, the light that exists even in the dark. It was ignorance to the light of the moon that caused the severe fall in my performances.
When it came to take help from friends and family, I became too selfish to take it. All I wanted was the credit to me. But today shall be an end to all this. I am here to look at the moon. To gaze upon the stars that shine upon the sky. To give and take help from everyone present.  Give me someshine!!!

The Omnipresent

If you belong to the atheistic community, I shall suggest you not to continue. I am undoubtedly a staunch believer of the almighty. It is not any disbelief on his powers or any doubt of his existence that made me write this. It is a belief, stronger than the former which made me a greater disciple.

In all these years that I have lived, the experiences that I have gained, the knowledge I have had, made me believe that God is omnipresent. I have realized that He is kind, generous, strict and all of the positive adjectives that I know.  But it is invisibility that I do find awkward about him.

Yes, I have seen God! In fact, I am living with God. The name I gave to God is Mummy.

Okay, before you quit reading this considering this to be a typical mother’s day text, it is not the occasion, for I do not believe in symbolism or quantification of expressions on festivals. I have got reasons that can prove what I just said. For all I know about God being a mortal is that set of qualities which are known t the rest of the world as well.

My mother is kind, generous, strict, lenient, and sweet and I believe that this needs no explanation at all. My mother is omnipresent. She is sitting here looking at me writing this. She is there with me whenever I make I mistake, wherever I find success or failure. She is beside me when I take a wrong turn. When my friends say that I talk to myself, I converse with her within myself .All this is when I live a thousand miles apart from home (where she lives physically).

My mother defines support, the definition of the family. But it is her patience which makes me feel so. God helps those who help themselves; she has helped me throughout my life.  No matter what life may bring to her, no matter how “good” I am, she is here beside me.

To sum it all up, all that I can say is God does really exists. I live with her.

This berth



This I
This body
Such a clamour of whorls
Streaming colors
Entire worlds ring crystaled shades and hues

This berth
Coming to rest in and with
This slowing into a reality
Massive and mani festing
Many hands feasting !

This grace skied
This drop of beloved
Falling into a heart
Of water and waves
Coming to settle quietest aware on the banco

So fine
These many Splendored
Ever Brightening immensely
As if indistinguishable
Unextiguishable gone

Sometimes a later
And a then
Counted and recounted
Like waves of sound
This glimmering
This world

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