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The two faces

They say it is cruel world outside. Maybe that is true, but the lines must be read between those words. There is a fact that remains concealed with the statement. An indication that tells that the world outside is cruel, as compared to the on inside. The faces of the coin that do really exist, regardless of what our opinion might be. Maybe we can’t see that at all times but there are always a white side to each dark patch.

At the same time there is darkness inside of us all. And we must not ignore it. It is acceptance that could bring in a change. Extending to what the Imagine Dragons said, it is not a problem if there is a monster inside. The problem begins if you ignore the fight to let your goodness overcome it.

Life is a wave that comes with the crests and toughs- always equal in number. Your initial stand doesn’t really matter.  All that does is the belief that you can overcome the lows and shall not remain with the happiness at all times.


Emotions – How do you express them? This has been a question that has been puzzling me through all these years. I don’t really know if an extensive vocabulary can be of any use.  I know that this post has been delayed – a lot. The only reason that stands is that I find it difficult to give lyricize emotions. It is hard for me to describe the way it felt to stand there in front of the “Sarojini New Boys Hostel” and taking my steps into a new chapter of my life.


Well if you are an Indian reading this, you must understand what an “Ideal College” looks like, and if in case you don’t know I suggest you to watch anything from Karan Johar’s works. It was time for a reality check. To see if the college life is really as glamorous as they claim it? Or is there an exact reverse? Or maybe something in between. It was all going through my little brain, and it was causing some serious anxiety.


I gave a look at the slip that the warden had given me. It read Room no 207.  I had always been a staunch believer of God, but never of destiny. I believed that it is we who create it, that the almighty empowers us to write our own future. A lot has changed since then. Beliefs do change, and they do it pretty quickly. Looking back on this day in the mid of August 2012, I wonder how important was this allotment to me. What role did it play in all these years? I have often faced a question, “Do you regret anything from the past”. The reply I gave to myself back then, is the reason of my survival today. No matter how bad it might have appeared, it has had some contribution to the strengths I have today.


I looked up the on the second floor and saw the rooms labelled 204, 205 and 206. I saw the stairs and used them. It was during this time that I was feeling bad that I was in MIET. I was unhappy as I wasn’t able to get into any better place. Even before any kind of a start I had a really bad feeling about the kind people I was going to meet. Climbing up the stairs, all that came into my mind was quite pessimistic. I recalled the name of my room-mate that the warden told me – Parth Shankar.  It is indeed hard to express oneself, and it gets even harder to tell about anyone else. But for Parth and Shivam Chaudhary (Inhabitant of the room next to mine) is not actually that tough. There is just one word that I can use to tell about them – Friends. I hope that nothing else could justify their roles that they play at the stage called world.

Meeting up people was amongst the highlights of the journey that I travelled in all the four years. Diversity in thoughts, appearances, approaches, skills, interests and in belief was quite astonishing.

This berth



This I
This body
Such a clamour of whorls
Streaming colors
Entire worlds ring crystaled shades and hues

This berth
Coming to rest in and with
This slowing into a reality
Massive and mani festing
Many hands feasting !

This grace skied
This drop of beloved
Falling into a heart
Of water and waves
Coming to settle quietest aware on the banco

So fine
These many Splendored
Ever Brightening immensely
As if indistinguishable
Unextiguishable gone

Sometimes a later
And a then
Counted and recounted
Like waves of sound
This glimmering
This world

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