Listening I am, to the words they say. Aware I am, of the trap they have set for me. Trapped I am, holding on to the one track they have forced me to follow. But here I am – Standing. Standing where I have always been. Questioned by every pair of eyes. I see the brows raising to every word I speak. I see the pleasure they find to see me keeping quiet. I see the bliss in the eye whenever I fall short.  Cornered in the chamber of viciousness, wanting to see the silver in the gray cloud, I stand at a cross-way, waiting for the light that never comes.  pexels-photo-756774.jpeg

I am a person who has always been an admirer of music. It has always been an inspiration for me to keep moving forward. But for some reason that I do not know, I seem to be appreciating the minor chords a lot more these days. Is it normal for a human to do that?  Or is it me again who’s stacking up the problems that are so unnecessary?


Why does it feel that I am walking on the roads untraveled? And this happens to me in a time when I have the most regular routine a man can have at my age:   Work – Eat – Sleep. But what is it that keeps me awake at this hour? What is it that pushes me to put-in the extra bit of effort?

I have always been a staunch believer of Utopia. Life to me is a journey, a voyage to paradise –  A place where “All Is Well”.  Just like any other journey that you travel, you have to invest some of the energy, your hard work into it. This is what provokes me to burn the mid-night oil at the workplace.

So here I am. Waiting to see into the light from the darkness. Call me crazy, maniac or a lunatic, but I won’t stop for the fear of pain. To the bliss of life, I agree to hold the bull by its horn. I don’t really care how far can my strength take me into the war-zone, but I will rejoice every step that I take.




Time and Again

Its always the one question that keeps bothering me all the time. Every now and then, a new format, a new situation, a new angle or a new perspective to ask the same thing .

Standing in the boulevard I see a bird leaving its nest, somehow it motivates me,  to look up to the challenges , of the world outside.To get out there searching for food(necessities), to get out there facing the real world hardships, to face fear and pain,  to understand that it is the insects that I feed on, not the lion.Basically, to understand that I do have limits.  I see the question asked yet again: What are those? What are those limits that I have.

Is it in the skill that I posses to write a piece of code? Or is it in the ability to tackle the tester that claims to find a bug? Is it in the ability to play music, or may be the ability to go to the astral dimension once I hear a musical masterpiece?

Is it the lack of confidence that keeps me doubting the quality of whatever I do? Is it the fear of missing out that drives me into gatherings where I am not even comfortable?

Whenever I come across this state of mind, the only thing that comes to my mind is this lovely quote:


It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

-Albus Dumbledore, from Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

Yes its true that I don’t know what all can I do. But,I shall never chose to say no to a question that says – “Can you do it”? May be I can’t but there nothing but failure that could determine that. And in case if you don’t know that I fail only when I quit, that hasn’t been the case so far.

Staying up late this night, revisiting a habit to find optimism by my own writings, here I am – Ready to face whatever life has to offer.

Time for another extract:

I swear I’ll take it one step at a time

I maybe two miles outta line

I take the trash out of my mind

I do it one day at a time

TVF Pitchers OST – “One Step At A Time”

I don’t know if I could have a great end to the story of life, but I am toiling hard to create plenty of fabulous beginnings.

Sustainability In Life

For the end is near
For the future is so unclear
It’s time to think and share
Our joys and despair
For sustainability is so no way near !
Coz we all know what life is
What’s now amiss?
Happiness of the soul it is
As the answers to what we know
Insidious it is to the entire world we know
Sustainability, no way near!
For mankind is social
For the evolution is not optional
For they have always had a way out
It is the initiation that needs to sprout
For Sustainability is as near as our inside!

A Let Down

A Let Down

The deadliest of all my threats, a let down is the worst of all the sins that a man can possibly do on earth. What i personally feel is that expectations haunt you more than any other thing. You are never satisfied with what you get, and are always dissapointed on not getting what you are about tohed. Strange yet true, a man who expects a lot ends up getting nothing at all. What has been troubling me recently was the secret to success. How could anybody succeed if he doesn’t expect himself to succeed ?

The answer resided somewhere in the question that was insidious somehow. the secret to success is to aim high and to believe in yourself. Expectation leads to a casual attitude towards the goal of yours. An aim provides you with an impetus to work harder, to keep trying, to be positive and most importantly NOT TO GIVE UP.

If you think that you have let yourself down; it is then the right time for you to restructure yourself and stop expecting anything thing for yourself. It is the time to toil harder and script the future yourself.

Being Introvert

The best part of being an introvert is to be proud of yourself. No matter what others think of you, you are a lovely person. No matter what happens around you, you are always polite. NO matter what, you are always happy. And to add to that you have someone who can never leave faith on you, yeah its you. No matter what might happen no-one comes to blame you. No one comes to make fun of you. No one who could distrust you. It is a lovely feeling to be an introvert.
You can talk to yourself, about your strength. Openly disclose your weaknesses, and even try to rectify them. To retrieve your confidence level, the only person that matters is only yourself. No therapist could ever bring your confidence back unless its you who wish to do so.
But,  you know what? Its a disaster to be an introvert. No one to be congratulating you at your trivial achievements. No one to patronize you when the things do not go off well for you. No one to laugh at the silly things you do. No one to make you realise that you are special.
For me the best of all of the things that I do is to talk to myself. It allows me to analyze myself. The best part of this analysis is that for a short duration of time, there exist two individuals, me and myself. It helps me to boost myself when the things around me do not go off well. I listen to Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong, and some how realise that it was always something that I have done.
It is then a different world altogether then. The things that seemed so wrong now seem to be an indication of better things to come. A brilliant sense of positivity comes alongside. Then comes the best part of it all. The participation of friends, family. They drive away all the stress that I had and fill in the the motivation to be the bloody best in this world!!! Being alone is good, but a nice company is way better than just good.
Truly the world is a beautiful picture of which each one of us draws a portion. Greater the number of friends you have is the greater contribution to it. Greater the trust you have in your friends, greater is the beauty of the picture.

A visit to your past

What is the first reaction that comes to you when I say the word, ‘Past’ ? I might not know you in person, but the one thing I know is that you paused for a while and revisited at least one incidence from your Past. There is a peculiar thing about past – you know nothing but a version of it.There is certainly something from your past which haunts you when you look back into it. The thought, “Any other decision could have made a lot of difference ” ! There is simply nothing that you can do to erase that from your past. Jealousy or misunderstanding or anger or greed or all of them have caused you to fall into this regretful well. But the past teaches you a lot. The things you did cannot be undone, but could be rectified. The moment YOU realize YOUR fault, is the end of all such miseries. It is because you are ready to repent. This is the beginning of a new world got you, which has nothing that you could be sorry for. If you have read this so far. I shall request you to share what you did to get yourself out from the haunting past. Post it as comment below, it takes a minute to do so.