The Inception

So it began. A Josephite (In case you don’t know it already, a Josephite is someone who studied in St. Josephs College – Allahabad) called Prateek, steps into his college life.  A journey that has been anticipated so much, has shown a faint glimpse of its arrival. Strange yet true, I was witnessing the arrival of a journey. A life that could be made or destroyed in the mere span of four years. It sounded so much of fun. But hey, this has not yet started. The journey technically begins after I am in the premises of the college.  So be it then, waiting I am to see what life has to offer!

A question that daunts me whenever I think of it, is here again – back with vengeance. What happens to me after this? Well, I am not into the IITs or the NITs or anything worth respect. I have got into what the world calls as MIET. Now that is not something very fancy, nothing so special to brag about.  But at least I have with me the stream that I needed, and I have the ability to say a big YES to each and every hurdle that comes to me.

So, this was me, confused and terrified three-and-a-half years back. Now it has been a while since the start and I am quite close towards the end. And quoting my favorite band, Linkin Park, I could say that “The Journey is more important than the end or the start”. So I prefer to make Journey the subject of this venture I had. A stage of my life. More than a thousand days went by and it seems as if it was only yesterday when I entered this place.

There I was, looking outside the window of the train, gazing at the city. Yes it was the first for me to be here in this city. It was never in my list of places to visit. The last time I could remember the mention of this place was probably in the history textbook in context to Mangal Pandey, the initiator of the revolt of 1857. But there was something really peculiar about my observations that morning.  More than just history.

I was in the train, and I was informed that I was lucky to get into MIET, as it is a premier institute. It is hard to believe stories that your co-passengers tell you. But believing them helped me that day. Nearly half-an-hour later I was in the college itself.

At this point I must admit that I was really excited for reasons far more than one, and I was also scared as I entered as a novice into the kingdom of “seniors”. I may spend a million words to describe the daunted feeling I had back then. I was accompanied by my parents, and I saw those eyes staring at me, no matter where I was. I knew all of them were seniors and are going to break free once my parents are out. To add to the anxiety, there were special arrangements. An acquaintance was found somehow, and guess what she turned out to be a senior. I might have never wished for such a thing to happen. It seemed as I was a serving at the breakfast table. I was the easy fish to catch, rag and God knows what else was to come up next.

If you  think that I was nervous – you are right! But nothing was there for me to do than waiting endlessly for all it to happen.


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