The Nineties’ lad…

If you are a lad born in the early nineties’ somewhere in India, this post is meant especially for you. A peculiar generation this has been.  We have seen quite a bit. The ageless fun of the hide-n-seek to the dawn of the play stations and the X-Box. We have spent quality time playing with our parents, and cousins and friends. And as we grew up, we had some tech-stuff to spice up our teenage. Be it social networking or the usage of torrents, Internet has been such a boon.

But there is something far more important than all this. It is friendship. All of us have been taught right from our childhood days that our nature depends a lot upon the peers we find. I do agree on this, totally. Friends define the journey called life. It is peculiar how we find our friends. All of the friends we have, have a feather common to us.

If you belong to the community of the nineties’ then you must admit that wizards do exist. Furthermore there is a school call Hogwarts where you wished to join. All of us wanted to be in the Olivanders shop seeking the magical wand that chooses its master.

This is about you and me. This is the point that I would like to highlight at this state. Let me ask you a question. Do you have friend, for whom you could say that you would be complete without his/ her existence? Is it possible for you to eradicate any-one of your friends from your life? The answer is an obvious NO.

Recall your best of friends. Where did you find them: School, College, somewhere in the marketplace, or may be in your locality. Were they the only souls alive there? Were they the only option you had? NO. The world has been a gigantic showroom of the Ollivanders, just the wands here don’t look like one.  But they are equally competent as far as magical powers are concerned. Strange it is to understand how we find friends, similar to what Mr. Ollivander said regarding the wands. You do not choose your friends, they choose you. You never really know the inception of your friendship. It did not begin with that first hand-shake.

If you do not belong to the community to which I belong and have no Idea of what is the Ollivanders, it is pretty simple for you as well, just go and watch: YOU KNOW WHAT!!!


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