An Early Morning

Early mornings have always been peculiar to me. It has been an outcome of the late starts of day that I usually have. But today, is quite different. I am up and ready, and looking at the sunrise. A spiritual feeling creeps inside me. A feeling that makes me realize that I am still a part of Nature. Having breakfast, tea, and a morning walk on my campus are the things that I idolize for the start of the day. And yes today has been a fine day so far. However unlikely might it be for me to make this happen, waking up early is not the only thing that hits me on such occasions.  Instead it is the freshness of the day that brings peace. It provides me with some hope, motivating me to keep striving hard in the urge to success.

Another lovely morning, and there it is. The “thing” that would make me think for the rest of the day. As I mentioned earlier, there is always something special at each early start for me. Today it is the pile of old news-papers that bothers my mind. It is a habit of us-the Indians to ponder over petty issues whenever we find time; especially while we take hot beverages. Following the instinct I consume tea, and look upon am advertisement on the newspaper. It probably six months old, as I take a wild guess looking at the news which surrounds it. The advertisement was of a brand of noodles.

If you’re an Indian reading this, you know already the subject: Maggi off course. It is a funny situation to be looking at that the one remark that strikes me is – Why so serious? A dish so very delicious, has been shut denied and stuff far more dangerous is still there for the taking. It’s now that I realize the importance of studying the balance and the imbalance of the society.  And if that wasn’t enough the news that surrounded this was even more horrifying. Not that it had explicit content, but it was an article with the praise of a great man. A scientist that I idolized as a student and as a person. He is dead.

Looking at this newspaper, I felt uneasy. I did not know how unsecure I am. Life is so very uncertain. A popular brand that doomed to the ground within a matter of six months, or a scientist who lost his life. It wasn’t these incidents in particular that bothered me. It was the plans that I made for the future. Will I make it? Is my set of skill good enough for me? Is the world a safe place to be in? Is the morning haze really temporary? Oh my God, I am so confused!!!

I can-not really believe that I could be so negative at the beginning of such a lovely day.  And to add to the misery the tea is over too. I decided to go for a walk. I looked at my room-mate for some company but then I preferred not to disturb him from is sound sleep.  So I go, the cold breeze and the lovely sight of the sun made me feel a bit better. As I started my stroll, I saw an old lady strolling alongside at her very own pace. And unlike me she had some company too and it must be her grand-son, I presume. I gazed upon them silently. And I must confess here, I loved the lady’s smile. I started wondering when exactly did I see a smile as carefree as this one. She seemed so satisfied and it was evident by the wrinkles at her face. If joy exists somewhere in this planet, it must be with the kids, and surely with the lad that was walking alongside his grandmother.

This was the start I was hoping for. An inspiration from old and the new generation. How often do we find ourselves at a situation where we cannot really find a way out ending up in frustration? My way of getting out of it is to think of the experience of those I know. I think of my parents, my teachers, seniors and even my batch-mates. I get the practical approach that takes me out of this.

Then I visit the innocence of the younger ones. And I am filled with joy. No matter what happens next, I stay positive for quite some time. And nothing else matters !!!!


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