Give me some sunshine

A lot has changed since I left home for studies. The weather seems a lot different these days.  The beautiful bright sunny day now seems to be hot humid and hard day for work. The sun that provided me with Vitamin D now seems to be sucking my energy levels – A lot has changed.
Ideas that I had back then were cool. I tried to implement them and on the most of occasions I succeeded as well. Today with all of the important knowledge summed up with the valuable life experiences, I have found a way to screw up each and every time. Everything that I do now kicks off beautifully. I know that well begun is half done, but it makes no sense when you stop at the half way mark.  I have been missing out on finales for quiet sometime.
I pondered over such issues on the last night. Looking at the moon I wondered what exactly it does. It takes light from the sun to beautify even the nights of our planet. It made me think of my own mistakes. It is the sunshine that I now require. It is the light of opportunity, the light that exists even in the dark. It was ignorance to the light of the moon that caused the severe fall in my performances.
When it came to take help from friends and family, I became too selfish to take it. All I wanted was the credit to me. But today shall be an end to all this. I am here to look at the moon. To gaze upon the stars that shine upon the sky. To give and take help from everyone present.  Give me someshine!!!

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