The Omnipresent

If you belong to the atheistic community, I shall suggest you not to continue. I am undoubtedly a staunch believer of the almighty. It is not any disbelief on his powers or any doubt of his existence that made me write this. It is a belief, stronger than the former which made me a greater disciple.

In all these years that I have lived, the experiences that I have gained, the knowledge I have had, made me believe that God is omnipresent. I have realized that He is kind, generous, strict and all of the positive adjectives that I know.  But it is invisibility that I do find awkward about him.

Yes, I have seen God! In fact, I am living with God. The name I gave to God is Mummy.

Okay, before you quit reading this considering this to be a typical mother’s day text, it is not the occasion, for I do not believe in symbolism or quantification of expressions on festivals. I have got reasons that can prove what I just said. For all I know about God being a mortal is that set of qualities which are known t the rest of the world as well.

My mother is kind, generous, strict, lenient, and sweet and I believe that this needs no explanation at all. My mother is omnipresent. She is sitting here looking at me writing this. She is there with me whenever I make I mistake, wherever I find success or failure. She is beside me when I take a wrong turn. When my friends say that I talk to myself, I converse with her within myself .All this is when I live a thousand miles apart from home (where she lives physically).

My mother defines support, the definition of the family. But it is her patience which makes me feel so. God helps those who help themselves; she has helped me throughout my life.  No matter what life may bring to her, no matter how “good” I am, she is here beside me.

To sum it all up, all that I can say is God does really exists. I live with her.

One thought on “The Omnipresent

  1. Oh my child, my beloved son.l read your feelings for me. l am speechless. l find no word .what should l write. l am proud of my son.May God give you all , you wish. you will find me always with you

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