The faces of a Coin

It is pretty easy to claim that each coin has two faces. But is it as easy to decipher both the faces in the real world or we have ambiguity that makes our world a highly complicated puzzle. The positivity that blossoms around, the optimism that one feels are all real world scenarios that do have a face insidious.

How often have we seen orators impressing the audience with a magnificent set of skills. The sentiment of an audience depends on how crafty has the orator been. The beautiful skill of oration is unfortunately not as good. The highly infamous “Roman-mob” that switched opinions after every oration tell us about a hidden skill that comes alongside oration.

Public speaking is actually an art of lying. I noticed this recently, when I listened to an experienced political leader. During the entire speech I was impressed by the exquisite selection of words. NO harm done; and boom – the allegations hit hard! I listened to the speech, each word of it.  Emotions to begin with, followed by dramatization. And then to sum it all up trickles of heavy-weighted allegations coupled with emotions, yet again.

I felt as if I were a roman listening to Mark Antony at Caesar’s funeral. I was taken away by partial-facts, modified reality and I believed the speaker, knowing that all said has not necessarily true.

The world considers public speaking to be a mighty task and public speakers as mighty achievers. However the art of oration is basically the art to lie and to wrap up this into stuff that could complicate the audience such they do not get the truth.

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