The deadliest of all my threats, a let down is the worst of all the sins that a man can possibly do on earth. What i personally feel is that expectations haunt you more than any other thing. You are never satisfied with what you get, and are always dissapointed on not getting what you are about tohed. Strange yet true, a man who expects a lot ends up getting nothing at all. What has been troubling me recently was the secret to success. How could anybody succeed if he doesn’t expect himself to succeed ?

The answer resided somewhere in the question that was insidious somehow. the secret to success is to aim high and to believe in yourself. Expectation leads to a casual attitude towards the goal of yours. An aim provides you with an impetus to work harder, to keep trying, to be positive and most importantly NOT TO GIVE UP.

If you think that you have let yourself down; it is then the right time for you to restructure yourself and stop expecting anything thing for yourself. It is the time to toil harder and script the future yourself.

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