Interesting. The weirdest of the facts about this word is that you do not know what exactly is interesting for you.  Maybe its your hobby, your passion, your work or its something that you hate to do. Yeah, it is pretty much possible to be amazingly interested in activities that you have neither done in it in the past nor would you like to do it in the future.


Law of opposite poles is perhaps the best explanation that I have to prove my point here.  If you still do not believe me just look around  yourself for the people that like horror movies. And before you begin to smile, you already know that they are people who are more susceptible to fear. Lets play around a little more and look-up for those that like James Bond kinda action, such people are generally far-far away even from regular exercise.


Life is surely a wonderful scenery, it gets interesting when you add colors to it. Interestingly nobody knows what colors to choose !



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