The Invisible Reflection

Yesterday, I was looking at myself in a mirror, just like any other morning. But just then, something weird happened. The image that I was gazing at the mirror,came to the real world. It is hard to explain, what really happened. But I felt as if I was a ghost. While I could see anything and everything, there was none who could see me.
I was feeling a bit awkward, but then I realized that being invisible was, at the end of the day a very cool thing ! A lot of mischief crept into my mind, I felt blessed as I had the rarest of pleasures. Opportunity appeared too heavy a word to describe the feeling I had. I was about to get out of my room, and begin a naughty journey.
But just then, I realised that others around me were able to see the image that came from the mirror. Nobody realised that it was not me. Even I was not able to find any bit of a difference. It became intersting, it was as if I found out the greatest puzzle in the world. Being merely an image of myself he did exactly what I used to do or what I would have done now.
I looked at him . I stopped doing that a few hours later, possibly because I couldn’t see the negativity that lied in me any longer.While looking at him, I realised how I wasted the valuable time that I had. The reactions that my parents had when I disobeyed them. I also spent time listening to my parents when they were talikng about me in my absence. Their hopes, expectations, and the grief that I was no-where close to where wished me to be. I looked at the so-called hard work that I did, and how trivial it was. I saw the false-hood in the perception that I had of myself.
I sat besides the river close to my house, and pondered over the various things that I did in the past. I realised that it was me who did let go all the opprtunities that once knocked the door. And that I am continuing to do so even at present (or my reflection is doing so ). I was depressed. There was nobody who could console me. No one to pat me. No one to say, “Don’t worry lad it will be all fine”.I felt lonely. I did not know any way out of this situation. I decided to get back home and then possibly find a solution.
As I stood up, I disbalanced myself, and somehow managed to fall into the river. On the very next moment, I found myself ,lying at my bed. Yes,it was a dream, but not untrue. I got up, went to the mirror and said,”Even if you, cannot come here and take my place in the real world, you have taught me the lesson of a lifetime “.
I don’t know whether I have been able to be perfect. I have surely been able to change myself on each moment since the first time I “woke-up” . With each passing moment I am bringing a change to my lifestyle, my attitude, my skillset and everything that I could think of. Today I am proud to say that, “I am not ashamed of myself”.
The positivity knows no-boundries. Its just you’ve got to be going in the right direction. No matter how dark the clouds appears to be the water that they pour is colorless. The positivity in you must help you to “Change” in the right direction.



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