The Extinct Planet

This is a story of a different world. Life existed there a few million years ago. The place was quiet similar to earth. All forms of life existed there, except for humans. However there existed four human-like species that were present there.

They were Kings, a species that constituted of the rulers. They were quiet similar to the kings that we had on earth and hence did they get the name. They were truly tyrants, who exploited all the rest. The second specie was similar to the Scholars. They were probably the most intelligent of all that existed n the history. But alongside the intelligence, came arrogance and greed. They used to mislead the rest for their personal benefits. The third specie was of those who protected others from any violent activities. We call them as Soldiers. Yes you guessed it right, they started to do the exact reverse of their duties. They exploited others by the strength they had. The Last specie was unfortunately the least as well. It Helped the others. It might seem to be noble , but even they started to be off their tracks. They never did any thing which could help any body else.

The world was under severe threat. Nothing seemed to be falling into the right place. Nothing at all was what it was meant to be. Just then, somebody came to the rescue. It was a King, who arrived to make a rescue. He was definitely out of the league. He took the company of the Scholars, just in order to be able to gain Knowledge and wisdom. He also spent time with the soldiers to be strong.

All that he did was because he wanted to Help others. One day he initiated a revolution and named it after his own name. He tried to connect all the species together into one big community. The best part of it was that none of the species knew that the differences among them were over. All that the world needed was what it already had. Unity was the last ingredient. This was what they got now. He made it all happen.

His name was King Music. The revolution was the introduction of music to the universe. It is what unites we the humans. The discrimination that we face today in caste, creed, color, religion, could all be erased by Music.

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