How truly deceptive it is. You may call it evil, coz the vision is not clear. One doesn’t really know whats there to be expected. It gets really very difficult to understand whether the silence indicates true peace or not. It is certainly quiet at the surface but the turmoil within could be easily perceived.
No matter what it actually is – it brings about a  very interesting dimension of the human nature. All that you feel is basically a sum total of a large number of experiences you have had. One particular thing is good for you because  experienced something which makes you feel that way.

Take night for instance. Night that is often linked with evil, is much awaited by somebody who has had a tiresome day, whereas for someone who has had a lovely day, it brings doom and gloom – just because his party is over.

A night for me is an indication which tells us that no matter how dark it is around. A star which is not even visible at the moment, will show up and end all the ambiguities.

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