Have you ever found yourself travelling alone on a long journey? What are your sentiments about it? Well of-course, you may have a variety of reasons for the journey to be as such, but there is certainly one fine thing that you observe on each of the  situations. You tend to talk to yourself, pondering over the things that you have done in the past. You think of the people who have been very important to you. Now you remember those faces who have been neglected by you, and then those who have been over-evaluated by you.
Such a journey, brings a turmoil in your brains and you tend to be frustrated. But, there is absolutely nothing that you can possibly do at present. You relax yourself then and try to breath in deep. Quite unexpectedly you are now feeling a lot better about yourself.
All that you have done was Meditation in a peculiar manner. Just think for yourself, was a long journey required for you to think about yourself. Just a few hours of silence have settled your inner turmoil that has been coagulating for years. Just imagine a ten minute silence everyday.
Meditation is all you need to be in peace deep inside with your soul.

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