Being Introvert

The best part of being an introvert is to be proud of yourself. No matter what others think of you, you are a lovely person. No matter what happens around you, you are always polite. NO matter what, you are always happy. And to add to that you have someone who can never leave faith on you, yeah its you. No matter what might happen no-one comes to blame you. No one comes to make fun of you. No one who could distrust you. It is a lovely feeling to be an introvert.
You can talk to yourself, about your strength. Openly disclose your weaknesses, and even try to rectify them. To retrieve your confidence level, the only person that matters is only yourself. No therapist could ever bring your confidence back unless its you who wish to do so.
But,  you know what? Its a disaster to be an introvert. No one to be congratulating you at your trivial achievements. No one to patronize you when the things do not go off well for you. No one to laugh at the silly things you do. No one to make you realise that you are special.
For me the best of all of the things that I do is to talk to myself. It allows me to analyze myself. The best part of this analysis is that for a short duration of time, there exist two individuals, me and myself. It helps me to boost myself when the things around me do not go off well. I listen to Linkin Park – Somewhere I Belong, and some how realise that it was always something that I have done.
It is then a different world altogether then. The things that seemed so wrong now seem to be an indication of better things to come. A brilliant sense of positivity comes alongside. Then comes the best part of it all. The participation of friends, family. They drive away all the stress that I had and fill in the the motivation to be the bloody best in this world!!! Being alone is good, but a nice company is way better than just good.
Truly the world is a beautiful picture of which each one of us draws a portion. Greater the number of friends you have is the greater contribution to it. Greater the trust you have in your friends, greater is the beauty of the picture.

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