A visit to your past

What is the first reaction that comes to you when I say the word, ‘Past’ ? I might not know you in person, but the one thing I know is that you paused for a while and revisited at least one incidence from your Past. There is a peculiar thing about past – you know nothing but a version of it.There is certainly something from your past which haunts you when you look back into it. The thought, “Any other decision could have made a lot of difference ” ! There is simply nothing that you can do to erase that from your past. Jealousy or misunderstanding or anger or greed or all of them have caused you to fall into this regretful well. But the past teaches you a lot. The things you did cannot be undone, but could be rectified. The moment YOU realize YOUR fault, is the end of all such miseries. It is because you are ready to repent. This is the beginning of a new world got you, which has nothing that you could be sorry for. If you have read this so far. I shall request you to share what you did to get yourself out from the haunting past. Post it as comment below, it takes a minute to do so.


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