A million worlds

Imagine a world without the existence of light, of any form whatsoever. Imagine sheer darkness around you. With nothing to see  anywhere, you do not really know where you are right now. Or where you are heading to.

This is the life of the blind. he amazing fact about such a lifestyle is that one cannot discriminate the other human soul on skin-color. He who could not “see” boundaries that limit his place, cannot be able to see the other boundaries that divide the world into a million smaller  worlds.

Why the gift of the almighty, that enables us to admire his other creations, takes us to discrimination to a level that ends up at war ?  Well no one expects you to be a Wordsworth but the respect to all those living or dead is a necessity for a social animal.

If life is the most precious gifts of God, then Darkness is the trickiest of them all. It unites humanity, creating an environment that scares it. A blessing in disguise, which could turn either ways.


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